Silver Bullet Booster 6-PACK CASE


Six 32oz Bottles of Silver Bullet Booster

The power of proprietary blended oxidizers, degreasers, and cleaners as its main ingredient.


SilverBullet was designed as a booster for CompetitiveEdge for the nastiest carpets, upholstery, tile, and hard surfaces. It’s formulated for the toughest jobs, such as washing the walls after a fire.

Even though it’s an extremely powerful cleaner, it is safe on all surfaces, including wool carpets, furniture, wood, etc. This product leaves no residue and is ideal for all types of cleaning, including low moisture, hot water, extraction, etc. SilverBullet is child and pet-friendly. It can be used as a booster for all alkaline cleaners and pre-sprays. Mix 2 ounces of SilverBullet with a gallon of water to create an exceptional cleaner.

It is so powerful that it removes ALL organic stains, including the toughest pet stains and odors. SilverBullet sanitizes, deodorizes, and destroys mold and mold spores. It eliminates allergens. This product does not contain phosphates or carcinogens.

It Replaces MULTIPLE Products In Your Van, Makes Your Life Easier, Opens Up HUGE Doors Of Opportunity To High Paying, High Demand Services…

  • Green, Safe, Child & Pet Friendly
  • Hot Water Extraction And Very Low Moisture (VLM)
  • Leaves NO RESIDUE!
  • Removes ALL Organic Stains Without The Need For Extra Spotters!
  • Removes Even The WORST Odors… No Scented Deodorizers Needed!
  • Works On ALL Upholstery
  • Works On Wool!
  • 100% SAFE On Anything That Water Is Safe On.
  • It contains NO Phosphates!
  • Contains NO Carcinogens!
  • Removes Germs, Viruses, Mold, Mold Spores & Bacteria
  • Removes Allergens / Denatures
  • Use On Tile & Grout And STONE!
  • Use On Wood
  • Months Long Shelf Life! No More Throwing Leftovers Away


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Weight 230 oz
Case Pack

5 Competitive Edge + 1 Silver Bullet, Competitive Edge 6-Pack, Silver Bullet 6-Pack