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2oz MultiPacks With Custom Labels

One 12-Pack – $34.95

Two 12-Packs – $64.90 Plus

Three 12-Packs – $94.85 Plus

The end of the year is almost here, now is the time for cleaners to start coming up with resolutions for how they will improve their business. There is a saying, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Sometimes we could learn what was successful in the past and modify it for the future. One example is the matchbook.

Today people have forgotten that 100 years ago, doctors thought smoking was healthy. In the movies, all the actors smoked on and off the screen. Doctors even prescribed cigarettes to pregnant women.Matchbooks were everywhere, and all types of companies wanted in on the popularity. Matchbooks were a marketing masterpiece. The consumer would smoke 2 to 4 cigarettes a day, sometimes even more. When they lit those cigarettes with matches, they had to open matchbooks, and Shazam, they saw an ad. Think about how brilliant this was.

We all know that repetition is one of the keys to marketing.
So every time consumers lit a cigarette, they saw an ad for a company. As professional cleaners, we sometimes forget how to capitalize on that idea. Many cleaners private label a Carpet Spotter with their name on it, but how often do they grab that spotter and see your name?

Start thinking in terms of the matchbook. You want to grab the consumers’ attention every day, have your name in front of them, and reinforce your values.

For example, hand sanitizers. Consumers use them every day. We can put your name, phone number, and website on a hand sanitizer that sets itself apart from all of the rest. It’s 100% green and doesn’t contain alcohol. It lasts 24 hours and doesn’t wash off. These are powerful statements that capture a consumer’s attention.

Or how about a green General Purpose Cleaner? It cleans and leaves a protective coating against germs, viruses, allergens, and bacteria for seven days. Think of the positive message that it sends.

You can buy Hand Sanitizers and All Purpose Cleaners in quantities of 12 to 36. We will print your name, phone number, and website on each bottle.

Imagine the story you could tell when you give either product out at your next BNI or Chamber meeting. These products are fantastic door openers.


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Weight 36 oz
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12-PACK – 2oz Hand Sanitizer, 12-PACK 2oz 7-Day Anti-Allergen Surface Cleaner + Protectant, 12-PACK 2oz 7-Day Immuno Surface Cleaner + Protectant, 24-PACK – 2oz Hand Sanitizer, 24-PACK 2oz 7-Day Anti-Allergen Surface Cleaner + Protectant, 24-PACK 2oz 7-Day Immuno Surface Cleaner + Protectant, 36-PACK – 2oz Hand Sanitizer, 36-PACK 2oz 7-Day Anti-Allergen Surface Cleaner + Protectant, 36-PACK 2oz 7-Day Immuno Surface Cleaner + Protectant, 36-COUNT Combo Pack