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As Low As $2.50 Each For Members!

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The 20g tablet is our most popular due to its multiple application uses. For water restoration, add the 20g tablet to 5 gallons of water to remove orders, germs, bacteria, mold, etc. This mixture equates to 100ppm of chlorine dioxide. Use a 10-minute dwell time for the effective removal of germs, bacteria, spores, etc.

20g tablets can be used with automatic scrubbers to treat large areas of flooring.

In addition, this mixture can be sprayed on just about all surfaces that are color-fast to remove urine and other bodily fluids.

Add a 20g tablet to a gallon and a half of water to spray on mold stains. This mixture yields 400ppm to 500ppm and will remove germs, bacteria, mold, and spores in less than two minutes. In addition, if allowed to dry overnight, this solution will remove mold stains on surfaces such as wood.
When using this concentration, gloves and a respirator should be used. The area being treated should be vacated by unprotected people, pets and plants.

A 20g tablet placed into an 8-ounce glass with 5 ounces of water will create a gas-off that will treat up to 100 sq ft. This mixture is ideal for deodorization of car interiors, including the trunk.

Always place a dropcloth under the container. For best results, the interior of the car should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn the car on and set the AC system to recirculate. Then, turn the car off. This fully seals the car. Start your gas off and let it sit for 45 minutes. After the gas-off is complete, quickly turn the car on with the air conditioner on high and set to recirculate. Let the recirculation process run for 15 more minutes. After that, the car can be aired out for 15 minutes by opening all the doors/windows. For additional safety, wear gloves and a respirator when handling the tablet. Prior to treatment, the inside of the car can be cleaned with a white rag and our CompetitiveEdge product.



Add one 20g tablet to 5 gallons of water to replicate any of the 1g applications.

Common Uses:

  • Add one tablet to medium-sized automatic scrubbers (8-11 gallons) for cleaning and deodorizing any hard floor surface.
  • Add one tablet to 1 CUP of water in an OPEN CONTAINER to create a quick-action deodorizer for use in MEDIUM, UNOCCUPIED spaces of up to 250 sq ft (use multiple dispensers for larger spaces), like hockey locker rooms, fitness centers, composting centers, and waste water treatment facilities. Close off and leave the room for 2 hours then air out and all odors will be gone.
  • Add one tablet to a 3-5 gallon humidifier to clean and sweeten the air in an occupied room space.
  • Add one tablet to a 2-3 gallon pump sprayer (use with our clinging foam additive) for the largest applications or rooms with mold/mildew issues.


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