Temperamental Customers | Training Issues | Employee Turnover | Lack of Communication | Lack of Systems

Most cleaning companies want to delivery “5 STAR” service to their clients but many times the lack of resources, time to plan and without a good “System”, these good intentions are nothing more than a dream. You need to keep everyone on track, which means accountability is required. Every company needs a plan, a strategy on how to proceed. No matter what type of facility you are working in, medical, industrial, office or school, you need training specific to that industry. Reasons for High turnover…lack of training…accountability…no system? Lack of communication leads to strained relationships. Lack of a “System” means that you cannot deliver the type of service your client expects.

The CLO2 Sanitization and Deodorization System can help you offer a service to your clients that many other janitorial services cannot provide. The demand for total odor elimination, sanitization and anti-allergen treatments is huge and ever growing, especially today with Coronavirus Pandemic. Using the CLO2 Sanitization and Deodorization System, which is measurable and controllable, you can meet that demand and totally eliminate odors and sanitize areas faster than any other method or product used in the past. Providers for these services are in demand throughout the world right now. Be the first janitorial service in you r area and you can write your own ticket. You’ll have all the tools and every advantage to start to get the word out about this needed service to your current clients and clients that are on the fence deciding which company to use. Join Now To See What The CLO2 Network Can Do For You!

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